Company profile


Sixstation dedicates to the art of six senses, which is the aesthetic experience through metamorphoses from the senses. Originated by feelings and illuminated by thinkings, the fragments mature and form into creation.

Our creative belief is to let the mind flow free between sensibility and consciousness. Create and refine, look for new paths and look into the traces. Enjoy design and creation as it takes us to a kaleidoscopic journey of cognition.

Sixstation shuttles among digital illustration, typography, visual art, website design, publication design and visual identity design. Our beyond-conventions thinking and modern eastern aesthetics soaked in multi-cultural essences, provide us with a solid aesthetic quality and creative vision.


emotional & rational


Emotionality and rationality inspire art and the appreciation of art. We work toward a balanced creative participation between emotional and rational, so as to maintain an open channel between art and design.

The burst of emotions, the unbounded imaginations, light up the art of word and visual. The stream of rationality, the delicate reflections, integrate into the silhouette of a life in style.

Through involvement in different types of creative projects, we develop and retain our sensitivity to emotionality and rationality. Balanced and interconnected, our creative experience marks the unique aesthetics of Sixstation.